Every day we take requests for help* from members of the community relating to the following issues:

* Accountability is key to Give and Take Families. It is critical to our success and growth that our supporters are satisfied that their contributions are meeting real needs. Therefore, all referrals to Give and Take are vetted to ensure we know who we are supporting and we know the need is real. This usually involves connecting with community services and other relevant organisations when dealing with members of the community who are new to us.

Domestic Violence

Providing immediate support to victims of domestic violence through immediate support and engagement with relevant community services. We also run a DV Flee Program, which aims to connect people who are at immediate risk of harm with the support and services needed to make a safe transition into a new environment.

Financial hardship

Provide assistance via financial planning advice (community volunteered) and connecting families with services available to them as well as supporting immediate needs. We also look to connect people with employment opportunities that may exist within the community.

Youth Support

Providing support to youth in crisis or experiencing mental health issues by connecting them with the right services and/or providing counselling (Community Volunteered). We also seek out employment opportunities within the community.

Furniture and household items

Sometimes requests will be as simple as needing a washing machine or fridge for a single parent or family in crisis. We advertise on our Facebook page for needs like this which are often provided by the community through direct donation.

If you are not a person or carer in immediate need, send your details and we will get back to you. For urgent help, please make use of our 24hour SMS/Text Service : 0457 66 80 66

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